Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

Welcome to Easter in the Farmhouse Kitchen.
Inspiration for this pic came from Dreamy Whites.

The vintage bunny egg basket was a gift from Kim.

Easter egg colouring fun!

I don't usually make things in polymer clay but Liberty had some. Unfortunately the box it was in used to have glitter in it - it took a bit of time to pick the glitter out of the clay.
Making the eggs was fun...I got carried away and even made a tiny broken egg - because I know if my kids were doing anything with eggs there would be breakages...and more than likely eggs all over the floor too!

Happy Easter to you all!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Farmhouse Attic Bedroom

I can finally show you the attic master bedroom!
This wasn't the easiest space to transform. 
The slope of the roof means there's not a lot of useful room. 
I built some wardrobes at the end of the room to give the space a more interesting shape.

I'm not sure if that bed will stay there yet.
I might have to make a new one.

Lots of shelves waiting to be filled. 
Getting the wardrobe doors the right shape was tricky!

Sometimes I look at that bed and love it...other times I'm not so sure!
Actually I think it's when I'm considering making another bed that I decide I love this one...some things (like bed building) just seem like too much trouble!
Although I'm sure someday inspiration will strike and then there'll be no stopping me.

There's built in shelving on either side of the bed to make the best use of the space.

I made the little cabinet years ago. It just happened to fit perfectly in the alcove.

Trying to figure out how the wardrobe doors should open was a challenge.
 I nearly gave up...but I'm not really into giving up...
When I get an idea I usually see it through no matter what! 
And eventually I figured out the best way to make the doors day they'll be filled with tiny clothes!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Welcome to Valentine's Day evening in the Farmhouse dining room...

This years Valentine's Day photo shoot was influenced by a movie that was on television last week. 
A movie that I hadn't seen for many years.
A movie that was a huge part of my life three decades ago.
Not your usual sort of love story.
But immense fun!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas in the Farmhouse

Merry Christmas to you all!
And welcome to Christmas in the Farmhouse...
There's a tree in the children's room

The stockings have been hung

Dolly is waiting

There's a copper tree topper

Tiny sugar glitter houses

Cookies for Santa 

There's plenty of baking in the kitchen

Gingerbread men being iced

Red Velvet Christmas cake

Christmas tree cookies

December has been a bit of a roller coaster ride around here this year. It was fun to finally have a little festive mini time.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy 2016!